A Safer, More Sustainable Sanitary Napkin

Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins from Wakaya are a safer, more comfortable and innovative solution for feminine care and hygiene. Women feel fresh, dry and protected while they maintain an active and carefree lifestyle!

Up to 10 times more absorbent, free from toxins, with enhanced breathability and an advanced negative ion strip, Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins are offered in four varieties: panty liner, day use, night use and overnight use. Thy are made with a custom agricultural-grade adhesive, the final layer provides security without the use of construction-grade glue of most manufacturers.

Eight layers of protection include soft cotton, an all natural negative ion strip, air-laid paper, super-absorbent polymer, enhanced flow barrier, an additional layer of air-laid paper, breathable bottom, micro-perforated, breathable bottom preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and custom-developed release paper.

For more information, visit GoodHealth4U.mywakaya.com/shop-cherish.



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