Wellness with a Wireless Connection

VITAL Wellness provides wellness coaching for overstressed, overwhelmed professionals that want to improve their health and feel better about themselves. Clients are guided in making sustainable changes to sleep, stress management, nutrition, physical activity and other crucial areas so that they may achieve their lifestyle goals. Owner Amanda M. Hollenbach, LDN, holds a master’s degree in sports nutrition and exercise science and a bachelor’s degree in athletic training. she is a registered dietitian, licensed athletic trainer and certified health and wellness coach.

VITAL Wellness Time to Thrive is a monthly wellness coaching membership that guides clients in setting goals, forming healthy habits and sustaining changes with the expertise of Hollenbach and a supportive community of fellow clients. She also offers a limited number of one-on-one coaching packages. VITAL Wellness takes a holistic, body-positive approach that ensures each client’s wellness plan is specifically tailored. Services are provided entirely online, so even with a hectic schedule, busy professionals can conveniently access them.

Hollenbach had always dreamed of opening her own business, but her career took her down a path of management in healthcare facilities. After nearly a decade, she found herself burnt out and seeking a new job. During a job interview for yet another management role she was asked what she would do if she could have her “dream job”; without hesitating, she described her dream of opening her own business. She turned down the job and VITAL Wellness was officially opened in September 2016 in Philadelphia.

In June 2018, Hollenbach received a Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award at the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare. She also leads a walking group through Meetup. VITAL Wellness is planning to incorporate this walking group into the wellness coaching membership and add more live wellness events.

For more information, call 267-908-4825 or visit YourVitalWellness.com.



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