Welcome to Philadelphia: Fishtown

The greater Philadelphia area has been an important meeting ground in our country’s history since the days of the Liberty Bell, and is no less so today. Teeming with diversity and multicultural heritage from downtown to the suburbs, there are many neighborhoods, many points of view and many lessons to be shared among us all. We hope that our series of spotlights featuring events and personalities in all corners of our great metropolis will encourage residents to think outside the box and stray from their commute to explore their own city with a new perspective.

Anyone familiar with the hippest areas in Philadelphia, has certainly heard of Fishtown. Known and loved for its “off the grid” status, This enclave has definitively set itself apart from other Philly neighborhoods on more than just a geographic basis.

In addition to Fishtown’s already hip vibes, they have a health scene that would make any green heart happy. From trendy juice bars to floating in a saltwater isolation tank, Fishtown is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to health and wellness.

For those looking to start an alternative healing journey, check out Threshold Wellness. With services that include massage therapy, reiki, CranioSacral therapy, acupuncture, workshops and more, they has exactly what is needed to feel rejuvenated, organically.

It’s not odd to see a yoga studio every few blocks in Fishtown. Yoga’s mind, body, and soul-strengthening asanas have become a normal practice for these residents. Check out Amrita Yoga & Wellness to take part in yoga or Pilates classes, stop by one of their many events or take it one step further and go on one of their yoga retreats.

When it comes to finding the best organic fruits, veggies and other healthy foods that won’t be found anywhere else, look no further than Parsley and Sage. This little corner store popped up over the summer, and the pervasive wellness atmosphere will surely motivate the pursuit of healthy habits.

Juicing is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder—with amazing health benefits and the instant energy that city-dwellers crave, green juice has become the new (and healthier) coffee. Fishtown residents and visitors should try Towners Juicery, on Palmer Street. Their combination of juices and smoothies (even a kombucha smoothie) will immediately kick start a juicing addiction.

Fishtown is a great place to live and begin a wellness journey. Stopping by these spots will reveal the green side of this thriving Philadelphia neighborhood.

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The greater Philadelphia area has been an important meeting ground in our country’s history since the days of the Liberty Bell, and is no less so today

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