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True Cellular Detox Treats the Source of Stubborn Conditions

Rick Dunlap

People doing all the right things that still can’t lose weight, taking all the right supplements but still having zero energy or getting a solid eight hours of sleep but still suffering brain fog may be experiencing the effect of toxins. Rick Dunlap, DC, a certified functional medicine practitioner and owner of InSight Health & Wellness, has been treating and reversing Type 2 diabetes and thyroid dysfunction using a holistic, state-of-the-art, 90-day program called True Cellular Detox (TCD).

He says, “No doubt about it, we live in a toxic world, and their assault on our bodies is relentless. At InSight Health & Wellness, we take the detoxification process to a whole new level—the cellular level. Through TCD, embedded toxins are reached and removed at the cellular level while other detoxification programs simply redistribute them throughout your body, proving them ineffective, as well as dangerous.”

Location: 1601 Walnut St., Ste. 514, Philadelphia. For more information or to make an appointment, call 215-564-6680 or visit

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