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Powering Our Potential with Tema Esberg

Oct 01, 2016 11:05AM

Tema Esberg

Tema Esberg, owner of Potentia Personal Training, is a certified personal trainer and certified mat Pilates trainer in Northwest Philadelphia whose philosophy is, “Be happy. be healthy. be kind.” For three years, she has been bringing these values to every personal training, goal coaching/lifestyle coaching session and mindfulness workshop.

Her background in fitness, health coaching and mindfulness enables her to guide and support each client so they can power their own potential for health and wellness. Through her focus on fitness of the mind and body, Esberg helps her clients on their journey to living their best life.

Esberg cares as much about fitness as she does about nurturing each client's potential, and she is committed to helping each client with patience, perseverance and passion. Her creative, energetic and compassionate style of motivating clients appeals to people of all levels of fitness from novice to experienced.

At Potentia Personal Training, Esberg provides in-home services that include personal training, lifestyle and behavioral coaching mindfulness workshops, and small fitness groups of kids, teens and families).

Location: 9507 Wheelpump Lane, Philadelphia. For more information, call 215-435-2215, email [email protected] or visit

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