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Recognizing and Fixing Depression

Nov 07, 2016 06:02PM

Dr. Donna Skerry, owner of The Healthy You, is known as “the why doctor.” She specializes in reducing physical and emotional pain, which are always connected. What she sees most in her practice today is depression in every walk of life; and most people don’t even know that they’re depressed. The difficulty in treating depression is that the underlying cause is always negative emotions, with a basis in feeling unloved or not having someone they can trust enough to release those emotions.

People should know when they are depressed when they stay in their pajamas too long and it’s not Saturday; when they eat a whole pint of ice cream and it’s not enough; or when they don’t care which sports team wins or loses.

At The Healthy You, Skerry uses neuro-emotional techniques, combined with nutrition, to discover the “why” and get to the cure. Her own experience with depression, starting with having been abused as a child, makes her uniquely suited to help others begin to feel loved and feel capable of trusting others by passing it forward.

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