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Translating Traditional Recipes Using Contemporary Wisdom

Nehal R. Solanki Patel, MS, Ph.D., is a scientist with an interest in vegetarian/vegan food, science and natural healing. She states, “I have been a vegetarian all my life. I am an Indian, but lived in Muscat, Oman, for most of my life. I have picked up some really interesting cooking skills from two lovely Indian housewives; my mother and grandmother; the Omani neighbors who baked date-halawa, a traditional Omani dessert, and brought us homemade khubaz, or Omani pita. My goal is to be able to recreate some of these dishes with my ‘simple science twist’ so we can generate healthy vegetarian meals together.”

Scientists rely upon a peer-reviewed body of knowledge to cite and reference. “I have incorporated knowledge from these scientific sources in my cooking, from benefits of turmeric, lavender and green tea to the effect of gluten on the gut, food on diabetic patients, healing foods for cancer patients and lactose on our minds and bodies.”

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