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Return to Life Allows Us to Prosper From Adversity

May 02, 2018 04:03PM

Return to Life: Finding Your Way Back to Bliss in a Stressed-Out World, the new book from Hay House author Pam Butler, is a beautiful and essential resource for anyone that has experienced hardship or trauma from depression, anxiety or PTSD, divorce, illness or loss. By offering up her personal stories, along with simple, powerful techniques for finding peace, Butler shows that no matter what happens, we can still live a life full of bliss.

This inspirational memoir provides practical strategies for overcoming life’s challenges to bring bliss and purpose back to our life. Maybe we have lived through a breakup or an illness; the death of someone close; or a period of high stress, anxiety or debilitating depression.—maybe all at once. Everyone has their own story to tell. Some are more traumatic than others, but the larger truth is that everyone has faced hardship.; none of us is alone in this, but the darkest of times provide some of the best opportunities to learn, grow and change our lives for the better.

Butler shares wisdom that can be applied universally, no matter the challenge. Each chapter contains a practical takeaway, forming part of a “bliss toolbox”, practices that will help to survive difficult times and use them to bring greater purpose and fulfillment to our life. These include:

• Stop, drop and breathe

• Mindful journaling

• Meditation

• Exercising our mind muscle

• Gratitude

• Yoga

• Serving others

• Creating a daily practice

Butler is a certified Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation instructor, a certified Hot Fusion Flow yoga teacher, a Creative Insight Journey transformational coach and a bliss coach who provides workshops, classes and one-on-one instruction to individuals, groups and businesses. Her unique combination of body movement and mind practices comes from a place of deep experience. Grounded in mindfulness, her students safely explore ways to examine their individual responses to stress and learn specific techniques to shift into a state of balance and well-being.

She says, “My business is based on real-life experiences, including a PTSD diagnosis after a series of traumatic events that brought me to my knees.  Instead of allowing myself to go down the ‘rabbit hole’, I researched, studied and then created a method to live my life in balance and bliss.  Life can be blissful with the right tools and mindset. My business is based on my own life.  I don’t ask my clients to do anything that I have not done myself.”

Deepak Chopra, author of The Healing Self, says, “Pam Butler has been a long friend of The Chopra Foundation who has embraced meditation and yoga to transform her life to be able to help others.”

Rudolph E. Tanzi, PH.D., author of The Healing Self. Super Brain, and Super Genes, states, “Return to Life is literally like 10 deep breaths of fresh air! Pam Butler writes from the heart and offers healing calm and soothing balms for the soul in every passage. Read this book and feel your stress dissolve and your soul soar!”

Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga, says, “Return to Life is a powerful reminder that no matter how hard life gets, we can fully transform and enjoy a whole, balanced and happy life. Pam Butler shares the raw details of her life’s dramatic highs and lows and her powerful journey to wellness and loving herself.”

Eddie Stern, ashtanga yoga teacher and co-founder of Ashtanga Yoga New York, the Brooklyn Club, notes, “Pam Butler’s extraordinary book is like a balm for anyone and everyone who has experienced loss, pain, extreme life challenges or is simply challenged by daily stress. Filled with wisdom, insights and immensely practical strategies, the practices and suggestions that Pam teaches are helpful for anyone who feels the need to rebalance themselves and find strength, stability and happiness again in their lives. As Pam shares her heroic journey of self-discovery in this book, she at the same time gives us the tools to discover our own self.”

Barb Schmidt, international bestselling author of The Practice: Simple Tools for Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace and Uncovering Happiness and founder of Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life, comments, “With vulnerability and courage. Pam Butler shares the messy, complicated, and painful moments on her spiritual journey towards finding peace and purpose. Woven through the book are tips and techniques from her bliss toolbox that can help us grow through the variety of daily challenges (both big and small) that we face every day.”

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