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The Power of Belief Can Change Behavior

Aug 01, 2018 12:52PM

Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't, you're right,” and this sentiment highlighting the power of a positive thinking has become something of a cliché. Yet this powerful statement is perhaps more profoundly true than we appreciate. Even if we fall in the latter category: we can still learn to believe we can when we believe we can't.

Imagine, for example, the person that has low self esteem and consider the thoughts going through their head every day. “No one likes me” “I'm a fraud” “I screw up everything”. Now imagine how they behave. They are unlikely to go out of their way to take opportunities if they think they'll mess it all up or strike up a conversation if they believe they're unlikable.

The increased stress will impact their immune system, causing them to get sick more often, as well as increasing their body's tendency to put on weight. All of this likely creates a horrible cycle feeding back into more negative self-beliefs.

People often have beliefs that become self-fulfilling prophecies, such as, “Everyone in my family is overweight” “I'm not good at math” “I've tried to quit smoking, and I can't do it” “I don't like brussels sprouts”. There is a fundamental rule of the mind to remember: If our subconscious mind accepts an idea as true; our body will manifest it into reality. Here are three tips to get the process started of changing our belief systems.

Become aware of your language, and take control of it. Our language has a big impact on how we see the world. Pay attention to how we talk about ourselves, internally and to others. Notice when limiting beliefs tend to show up and change our language. For example, if we hear ourselves saying, “I'm not good at that”, instead say, “I'm getting better” or “I'm learning”. Avoid the word “Try”.

As Yoda says, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Surround ourselves with the types of people we want to be like. There's a saying, “You are the five people you hang around most.” If we want to be more athletic, hang out with people that are enthusiastic about exercise. If we’re a big social media user, consider unfollowing friends that constantly post negative or angry complaints.

Consider hypnosis. Whether hiring a professional or learning self-hypnosis techniques, hypnosis can be a powerful tool to taking control of those thoughts and beliefs which we did not have control of before.

Frank Perri is the owner of Philadelphia Hypnosis, located at 325 Chestnut St,. Office 844, in Philadelphia. For a free telephone consultation, call 267-988-9484. For more information, visit

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