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You Matter Marathon—No Running Required

Nov 01, 2018 02:50PM ● By Martin Miron

There is a sense today that we cannot simply rely upon government or industry to supply all our needs or support all the people that require assistance in society. The good will and efforts of those that volunteer with nonprofits are alive and more widespread than ever. The nature and variety of their tasks may vary in the fields of health care, environment, education and social work, but there is a place for everyone to do their part for the less fortunate. Some bring skills they have mastered in their careers, while others will be trained for specific duties, but the spirit is the same. Here in Philadelphia, we are blessed with a multitude of folks with a big heart, and our series can help them find their niche in the scheme of things.

Established three years ago, the You Matter Marathon is a global initiative that creates positive connections between individuals and within communities by inviting people to share You Matter cards. They employ about 25 special education student volunteers from the Upper Dublin School District to count and package the You Matter cards. They receive onsite training during the summer and must have the ability to count to 10.

The cards simply say. “You Matter,” and make people feel as if they have been recognized, like receiving a mental “hug”. The You Matter mission statements says, “We’re living in a world where people crave connection, yet feel more isolated than ever. Every one of us is here for a reason. We are all essential. We need, and are needed by, each other, especially now. The purpose of the You Matter Marathon is to create and enrich positive connections between people and within communities.”

Founder Cheryl Rice says, “This is a movement. We invite people and groups to sign up on our website to receive 30 You Matter cards for free. They keep one card for themselves and then share the other 29 cards with people they interact with during November. So far, over 75,000 people from all 50 states and 67 countries have shared almost half a million You Matter cards. The impact has been magical.”

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