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Natural Awakenings Philadelphia

Tune In to the Universe

Jul 31, 2019 05:33PM

Healers Universe, LLC, is offering new classes and workshops that will meet once a month for four months for two hours and will include a meditation/healing infused with Energetics; experientials which will allow participants to truly feel what they learn, plus practices and exercises for Homeplay.

Owner Andrea Regal says, “Everyone has gifts, talents and abilities gleaned from previous Earth lives and other existences which potentially benefit the current evolutionary process the Earth is undergoing. In order to access these capabilities, one must be able to rotate a specific structure within one’s energy field to essentially dial in or tune in to the wide variety of potentials available to us at this time. We truly are interconnected and made up of everything we can experience in our reality and can imagine!”

“Participants will be traveling on a limitless path of healing, adventure and possibilities receiving information and assistance from sources beyond this plane to redesign and restructure their personal life, thus upleveling the collective life!”

Cost is $180 for the series of four. Location: Cherry Hill, NJ and Philadelphia. To register, call Andrea Regal at 856-904-5566. For more information, visit



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