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Natural Awakenings Philadelphia

Create a More Positive Life

Jan Collins

Creating Your Positive Life!, LLC, is offering a special rate until September 30 to introduce individuals and organizations to their self-affirming counseling and classes. For individuals, Heart-Centered Counseling or Spiritual Counseling is available in Mt. Airy for $25 an hour for the first two one-hour sessions. For organizations, there is a new series of eight weekly classes, including Positive Self-Talk and Self-Support; and Relationship with Your Body and Forgiveness, at a reduced rate at their site in the Philadelphia vicinity.

Owner Jan Collins, M.Ed., explains, “Many people have had life experiences teaching them to relate to themselves in a negative way: criticisms, judgments, comparisons, unforgiveness, etc.  This negativity can dampen enthusiasm and block people from experiencing their inherent loving nature.”

One alternative is replacing self-criticism with self-appreciation. Another is viewing life through compassion instead of judgments by understanding what brought someone to make certain choices.

Research indicates that positive thoughts and feelings enhance health through endorphins, while negative ones can produce stress hormones. “We can connect with our personal center, our own spirit, a source of great strength and peace. From that center, we can also experience a connection with others, community and the broader world around us,” says Collins.

For more information, call 484-416-3828, email [email protected] or visit