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Heroes of the Food Dessert

Nonprofit Rebel Ventures, comprised of high school students from across Philadelphia, are raising funds by selling Apple Delight Rebel Crumbles, an apple-filled whole-grain breakfast cake. Crumbles have no preservatives and are made in Philadelphia. The packaging is microwave and oven safe to 400 degrees.

A kid’s diet is typically very unhealthy. Affordable snacks available in corner stores are not nutritious, and commercials are everywhere advertising non-nutritious food. Many kids think their school’s food tastes gross, despite its affordability and availability. These young people want to create healthy, affordable and tasty products and distribute them to students in Philadelphia and beyond.

The Rebel crew is supported by the Penn State University Netter Center for Community Partnerships. Their products and projects are designed, tested and evaluated in partnership with students, staff and parents at the Netter Center’s K-12 University Assisted Community Schools, in West Philadelphia.

Each year, undergraduates, graduate students and alumni, as well as staff and faculty from the University of Pennsylvania, work with Rebel Ventures as mentors and learners to create healthy deliciousness— food that is both tasty and nutritious—with kids in schools and in communities.

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