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A New Way of Doing Skin Care

Welcome to BIM, a new way of doing skin care, with an easy, one-step solution for your timeless mask application. My name is Maggie, I am the founder of BIM and a licensed esthetician. My passion for skin care began over 20 years ago. Working in the aesthetic field, I have learned that everyone deserves to look their best and love what they see in the mirror. I have been offering skin care services and providing my clients with skin care treatments since May 1999, helping people to look their best.

My journey began when I felt something in my life was missing. I wanted to find a way to help people so I decided to do just that by creating a way for women and men to maintain a youthful and energized look. It was during this process BIM was born.

Specially designed for people who do not have lots of time, this mask takes just a few minutes to apply. Simple and effective ingredients deliver magical results overnight. What isn't absorbed overnight by your skin washes off easily with warm water the next morning.

I have used my 20 years of expertise in skin care and knowledge of working with essential oils to create unique, effective and healthy skin care products for everyone who desires to feel and look beautiful by using a holistic approach. Taking concepts from paraffin facial treatments and soy candle masks, I have formulated a unique product. BIM candle mask delivers confidence and clarity to everyone's skin, regardless of age or skin type.

Using natural ingredients, I formulated an effective, powerful and remarkable candle mask that helps clean pores, create a brighter complexion, reduces fine lines and revitalizes the skin overnight.

Location: 22 Pearson Ct., Albrightsville, PA. For more information, call 570-213-9265 or visit


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