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Magical Mystical Tours

Andrea Regal

Healers Universe will be offering new classes, workshops and group gatherings beginning March 12 and 18 that will guide participants by psychonavigating to sacred power places on the Earth both natural and manmade, as well as into aspects of Nature. Other destinations may be our galaxy or kingdoms and realms – think Tolkien, Narnia, ancient myths and legends. The Earth is a many-splendored place, much like a Grand Central Station, with access to everywhere in the universe.

Upcoming classes and events involve co-creation practices incorporating sacred geometrics, universal energetic archetypes, quantum physics precepts, masters and guides that oversee specific organizing principles of the universe and the current energetics of the season or the day, including those brought by the participants.

Owner Andrea Regal says, “Everyone has gifts, talents and abilities gleaned from previous lives and other existences which potentially benefit the current evolutionary process the earth is undergoing. In order to access these capabilities one must be able to rotate the axis, a specific structure within ones energy field, to essentially dial in or tune in to the wide variety of locations available to us at this time. We truly are interconnected and made up of everything we can experience in our reality and can imagine!”

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