A New Approach to Pain Relief

Paragon Pain Solutions is a new type of pain treatment center that uses advanced manual therapy techniques to help regulate the nervous system by addressing imbalances in the body’s soft tissues. Owner Dan Vidal, LMT, CNS, says, “At Paragon, we operate with the revolutionary idea that chronic pain patients should be treated like individuals. We believe that each patient has their own unique set of factors that have to be addressed in order to get them out of pain as quickly as possible so they can begin living their lives to the fullest.”

Their procedures are 100 percent non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical and non-chiropractic. “Our techniques are designed to create a safe space for your nervous system to explore different options that allow it to function at its fullest potential, free of unnecessary fear, pain and suffering. You don’t have to rely on endless treatments that only address symptoms and leave you at the mercy of your healthcare provider. You have the power to reclaim your body and take control of your pain. It is a journey well worth taking. You just need the right guide.” Says Vidal.

Location: 23 E. Durham St., Philadelphia. For more information, call 267-415-6003, email Info@ParagonPainSolutions.com or visit ParagonPainSolutions.com.




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