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Clarity Workshops is an umbrella company that comprises four individual practices. Clarity Counseling is a mindful holistic healing practice. Services include counseling, yoga, hypnotherapy, meditation, energy work and workshops. They have been in practice for 10 years. Recent topics include Grief—In This Moment; The Empath Way—Steps for the Highly Sensitive Person; Me, Myself and I—A Workshop for Those Who Have Lost Who They Are; and Relaxation Yoga.

Director Cynthia Norman, MBA, licensed professional counselor and licensed massage therapist, holds a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and national counseling certification. She states, “All of our practices consider themselves as holistic. We believe that learning is a part of growth, and we want to share our wisdom with our community through our workshops.”

Norman believes in the mind, body and spirit connection. She advises, “As a pastoral counselor, I will help you examine not just your mental and physical well-being, but also your spiritual well-being. I am blessed with an ability to listen to you and assist you in examining your life to determine what is the right course for you. I am located in a holistic health center where the focus is to always remember that the answers are found within.” Norman also does energy work such as Healing Touch and reiki, specializing in grief and stress reduction, as well as teaching yoga, meditation and breathing for relaxation.

Matthew Armes, a nationally board certified counselor, is in his third year with the University of Pennsylvania College Achievement Program, and possesses a strong background in counseling. In his current role, where he advises students in accomplishing their educational, personal and career goals while encouraging holistic success.

Doctor of Psychology Nancy Forrest uses eclectic therapy techniques from a Jungian perspective. She notes, “I specialize in healing patterns of trauma and hurt relationships in couples, the workplace, family issues or personal issues within the self.”

Clarity Workshops plans to grow into a continuing education provider for the healing occupations. Norman says, “With our proximity to the Philadelphia airport and hotels, we feel that this is a natural growth.

Clarity Counseling is located at 2801 Island Ave., Ste. 14, in Philadelphia. For more information, call 484-347-1490 or visit




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