The Science of Hemp and Skin Care


With its many known benefits and uses, we are experiencing renewed interest in hemp. An industrial and agricultural product, it is an extremely versatile plant in which every part, including the seed, flower, leaves and stalk can be utilized. Hemp seed is a superfood containing a complete complement of essential amino acids, fiber density, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and copious amounts of vitamin E. Not only can the seed be ingested, but we can also use it topically when processed into oil. Cannabidiol (CBD)-derived hemp oil is derived from other parts of the plant.

Hemp seed oil exerts anti-aging effects, as it has been shown to reduce wrinkles, stimulate skin cell turnover and promote new cell generation. CBD oil is a natural moisturizer, reducing the overproduction of sebum and oil, which can clog pores, resulting in acne. Both oils exert antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, thereby calming irritation and inflammation of the skin. These highly sought after benefits have created a resurgence of hemp utilized in hair and skincare products. New and old skin care lines are incorporating hemp into their cleansing gels, toners, exfoliants, moisturizing lotions and creams. Hemp is certainly at the forefront of the newest option in skin care maintenance.

Medicinally Jointed, an alternative wellness center that specializes in hemp-infused facials, massages, and products, is located at 1930 S. Broad St., Unit 35, in Philadelphia. For more information, visit




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