Matusz Offers Multifaceted Coaching

Pamela Matusz

Pamela Matusz is new reiki and holistic coach in Fishtown, Pennsylvania, and Princeton, New Jersey. She says, “We all wear many hats in our daily lives. As an urban educator, I advocated for my students and for the empty promise of equal education in our poorest areas. As a national speaker, I advocated for the first-generation college students. When I spent my weekend mornings painting front doors and replacing locks downtown, I advocated for the forgotten parts of the community. Energy work and healing is an act of true altruism as well; an offering of myself and my abilities to help those in need. Coaching allows me the opportunity to help shift my clients' perspective to gain a new outlook and to live authentic to themselves. Teaching others to trust their intuition and break through the fear is a beautiful process.”

“I truly believe everyone has the ability to resonate on a higher plane and find their inner peace. I welcome the emerging scientific and medical studies that question our traditional, two-dimensional health treatments.”

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