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Eco-Toy Story

Planet-friendly toys are both more sustainable and often more entertaining for youngsters.

Shrimply Alarming

Shrimp cocktail, a popular holiday appetizer, may not be the healthiest menu choice.

Zinc Fights Colds

Per a new study, it’s official: Zinc can help reduce the duration and severity of the common cold.

The Greenest Tree

This star of seasonal décor need not be an environmental burden if selected with care.

The Arts Relieve Holiday Stress

Painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument or even attending a theater performance or concert may help us feel better, healthier and more upbeat.

Green Greetings

Some 300,000 trees are consumed each year in the making of 2 billion holiday cards, but appealing alternatives are coming to the rescue.

Natural Relief for Colds and Flu

Strengthen your immune system with these six tips.

Holiday Binge Alert

Think twice before chowing down and easing up on exercise. Here’s why.

Savvy Shopper Tips

Here is a list of the top five eco-friendly brands recommended by natural pet store owners in an informal survey.

Save Greenbacks

Follow these tips to help minimize your personal transportation emissions while traveling during the holiday season.

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