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Natural Awakenings Philadelphia


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At Paragon Pain Solutions we treat according to the foundational principle that form follows function. The way your body carries itself has a direct correlation with how well it's various systems function (and vice versa). This is why we use a thorough system of postural analysis to create a personalized treatment plan that pinpoints the root causes of your pain. We use a combination of advanced massage and mindful movement techniques to create a safe space for your nervous system to navigate it's way out of maladaptive patterns. This allows it to function at it's fullest potential - free of unnecessary fear, pain and suffering. We are the first and only Neurosomatic Therapy clinic in the Philadelphia area. Our techniques are 100 percent non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, and non-chiropractic. You have the power to reclaim your body and take control of your pain. It is a journey well worth taking. You just need the right guide.